Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Portraits is something iv always been good at and what iv always enjoyed doing the most. Here are a couple I have produced over the last week of Amanda Seyfried and Jay-Z. 
My next step will be to produce portraits but adding a new element to it such and colour and more stylised features so that my work will have it's own signature style that people can recognise my work when they see it.
I have been working with watercolour recently and would like to bring that into my work as well possibly trying out other wet media. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

Wedding placecards

So it's my dads wedding in two weeks and I helped out by making their place cards for the meal! It isn't a huge wedding and they were a spontaneous decision so they are quite simple!

I used my dip pen so I could create elegant lettering... after trying so many different styles I finally decided on one! 

       Practicing the writing beforehand 

                 A mockup placecard 

         The finished place cards ready
               to be folded! 

Thursday, 8 August 2013

'Middle of Nowhere' 'Cuckoo Clocks' and 'Bird Cage.'

I produced this piece of work in year 2 at university and recently decided to put it in a frame and make its home on the kitchen wall. This is the first piece of my own work that I have been proud enough to frame and display! The idea came from using the 'Le Gun' brief for a University project, I chose 3 quotes/words 'Middle of Nowhere' 'Cuckoo Clocks' and 'Bird Cage.' The surface it is on is MDF wood and I used acrylic paint, graphite pencil and white coloured crayon for the highlights. I can definitely say I am exited to re adopt this style along with my most recent works to produce more and more illustrations that could hopefully be used in a wide range of products and publications!