Thursday, 27 September 2012

Jon Klassen

I think Jon Klassen's work for 'Coraline' is brilliant, I love the colours, characters and the textured surface! Definitely inspired me!

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Character in colour

Character Designs, Holiday Project

Finally updating my blog after a long VERY busy and stressful summer! I have definitely struggled with these characters! I looked at quite a few artists/illustrators and rather than assigning a different illustrator to each character I have tried to mix them all up a bit. 
The main people I have looked at are, Alberto Cerrinteno, Jim Flora, Quentin Blake, Sara Fanelli, Peter Donnelly, Jeremy Pruitt, John Burgerman.
I start of by drawing shapes on the page and forming my characters from them shapes which helps me a lot with the speed of the process. I haven't added any colour yet because I'm quite unsure of how to do it, I feel the majority of the character would look better in black and white or a simple line of colour. 
(sorry for bad quality scans!)